Product Review: Offers a Quality Shopping Experience for Savvy Vacation Shoppers

When it comes time to book a trip, odds are that will be one of the first online travel booking services that will cross your radar. They are a familiar name in travel because they’ve got over 20 years of experience offering cruises, car rentals and more. They offer an enormous amount of international travel package deals, and despite their age – they have a well tuned, easy to use, and up to date website – and it’s no wonder since they are an offshoot of the Microsoft corporation.

The Website

When it comes to the shopping side of the experience, Expedia really has their game nailed down nicely. Being a travel brokerage service, they understand that you want to see big beautiful images of your potential destination. They deliver that in spades while keeping the site easy to understand and navigate. There’s social network integration, which means you can share your shopping experience and eventual purchase with friends and family. And they make it easy to bundle the trip you have in mind with accommodations and extras to make your vacation special.

The Shopping Experience

Your search results will be listed in order from lowest to highest price. Knowing that ahead of time lets you know that, if budget is a primary concern, your top picks will be in the first few lines. So you don’t need to pull out the Excel sheet and start itemizing everything. If you like, you can reorganize your search according to other factors like departure and arrival times, the length of
the flight, or number of stops. Before you proceed to the final checkout, you’ll be able to examine your flight in detail. You’ll be able to see flight distances and seating maps as well as a number of other helpful details that you probably wouldn’t expect.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the availability and pricing of flights, Expedia’s offerings are about average – that’s because they aren’t in charge of what’s available. But, for shoppers who are willing to dig a little, their “Best Price Guarantee” makes getting the best price around all but a certainty. The way it works is, you find a better price on the same trip through another travel broker that’s within 24 hours of booking – then call their 800 number. They will verify your claim and make up the difference with a $50 bonus, (which can really come in handy at the airport).

In the end, what you get is an attractive website that facilitates easy to build custom travel packages. You have to work a bit to make their low price guarantee a reality – but in the real world, you’ll find that’s true with any travel brokerage. You might have to do a bit of digging to find your final price, but the info is all there. All in all, Expedia delivers an easy shopping experience, and all the bargains you could hope for – if you’re ready to examine your options carefully.

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Agoda Affiliate Travel Program: Single Quality Travel Service/Product Review

If you are looking for a way to travel the world conveniently and relatively cheaply, the Agoda Affiliate Travel Program may be for you. You spend no money, and you can turn your knowledge and love of travel into real cash quickly that can take you anywhere.

Here we will take a look at the pros and cons of the Agoda Affiliate Program to see if it is right for you.

Overall Rank

When compared to other affiliate programs offering similar terms, the Agoda Affiliate Travel Program holds its own. This is especially true if you already know how to cultivate web traffic. You can gain up to 60% commission, which is commensurate with the industry standard. Furthermore, this money isn’t chump change off of discount trips. Agoda cultivates partnerships with some of the best travel agencies in the world to the best locations in season.

Agoda is also a great idea for people without an in house digital structure. Agoda takes care of all the technical aspects of the booking. All that you have to do is send the customer through the proper channel.

Money is paid on total time during hotel stays. This is a simple metric that can be easily audited as well.

Membership Description

The Agoda Affiliate Program is distinct from the Agoda Rewards Membership Account. Affiliate Program members are not entitled to Rewards Membership perks, so do not become confused as the names are very similar.

The Affiliate Partnership gives you access to more than 1.5 million commercial travel properties across the world. You gain the advantage of a worldwide support team, complete with a language translator through the site. This help includes technical expertise in terms of integrating the program into your digital life. You can also easily track your stats, giving you the ability to audit your results in real time.

Pros & Cons

On the positive side, you are given access to more information than you could ever access as a simple travel consumer. As you help others to book trips, you will naturally learn about all of the best deals and seasons to go places – the hidden gems. You can use this information on your own casual trips.

The system is also incredibly simple to use. You do not have to be a professional salesman in order to truly participate in this program. You only need to have a love of travel.

On the downside, many people do not want to participate in the commercial side of travel in order to gain access to these features. If not, then this is definitely not the program for you. You also need enough technical expertise to set up your own website before Agoda can begin to help you.


There is no cost to joining the Agoda Affiliate Travel Program.


There are no guarantees in terms of money that you make other than the promise to pay a specified commission. However, the upside is that you have no limit on the amount of money that you can make. Everything depends on your initiative and ability to help other travelers like yourself!

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Trip Advisor Affiliate Travel Program: Single Quality Travel Service/Product Review

Commission Junction is now offering affiliates the potential to earn 50% of revenue from Trip Advisor. This is a great affiliate program for those interested in the travel industry. When you want to write about your favorite travel destinations and get paid for it at the same time, this is now possible through the Trip Advisor Affiliate Travel Program.

The cons of the program are few. You don’t get paid simply for sending traffic to the Trip Advisor website. The person who visits Trip Advisor from your website has to make a purchase in order for you to get paid. While you aren’t guaranteed income just for creating traffic, the money you earn from a purchase is quite high. You’ll earn 50% of the gross revenue created when an individual goes to Trip Advisor and makes a purchase.

To become a Trip Advisor Affiliate, you’ll have to be approved as an affiliate through Commission Junction. This is a website that offers a number of affiliate based opportunities for website owners, and you’ll need to have a site with enough traffic for Commission Junction to grant you access to this affiliate program.

Once you are approved as an affiliate of Trip Advisor, you can expect incentive programs to increase your overall profit. You’ll be working with a brand that people already know and trust. Products offered from Trip Advisor continually get updated, and you’ll have access to an experienced team if you have any questions about the offers available.

If you want to offer your website customers valuable deals when they want to travel, becoming an affiliate with Trip Advisor is the answer. You will be able to reach a wide demographic throughout the world, building up your base of satisfied customers. You’ll know that a deal through Trip Advisor can be trusted, so you can gear your energies towards attracting customers who want to travel based on the deals you find. The hard work is done for you. Without having to spend the time scouring the internet for solid travel deals, you can spend your time growing your customer base and focusing on solid customer service.

When you want to enhance your offerings in the travel industry, it’s time to check out how Trip Advisor can make your program stronger. This is a program that can be used in conjunction with other programs you may have already built up. As an affiliate, this doesn’t limit your travel offerings to only those offered by Trip Advisor. You can still build your own offerings or work as an affiliate for other programs. You’ll find that you’ll get some of the highest returns on your efforts if you take the time and energy to target the right audience for your Trip Advisor offerings. While you don’t get paid per click, you will make solid revenue when a customer books a trip following your lead.

If you work in travel, it’s time to take a hard look at Trip Advisor and the variety of benefits it will offer to you as an affiliate.

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Product Review: Affiliate Program is a Great Way to Achieve Additional Revenue!

I was looking for a way to bring additional revenue to my website, so I began researching different affiliate program options to see which would be the best fit for my needs. After an exhaustive search, one program stood out to me as worthy of pursuing so I decided to share this information in case others are able to find some value in my review. I was excited to see that the program had some definite benefits and serious earning potential!

Overall has an easy-to-use website interface that allowed me to quickly see the benefits of working with the team there. The widgets and digital design were clean and blended well with what’s currently on my site, and it feels like it’s going to be a great long-term partnership.

Membership Description

Once I installed the Affiliate Tools on my website, it only took a few minutes to get started. Visitors can now visit my site to book a great deal and I’ll receive a portion of the proceeds after visitors make a payment — which makes it very easy to earn extra money fast!


  • provides payments in PayPal, SWIFT, EpaymentsWebmoney and
  • You earn 1% revenue for all travel, and 5% revenue for all hotel bookings
  • The more travelers spend, the more money you make!
  • Websites and widgets are all multi-lingual


  • If visitors make a purchase more than 30 days after they visited your site, you will not receive credit


Fortunately, there’s no cost to get started with the service, and I was able to sign up immediately and get the information that I needed to start earning money very quickly.


While the platform operates with very high uptime, I did not find a specific guarantee. However, I really liked the fact that I could see immediately when revenue was received from a sale right within my Dashboard — along with purchase details.

Membership Specifications

Unlike some other travel associate sites, there are no requirements for membership. I placed a link directly within my Facebook page and also on my website and could start earning money almost immediately.

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How Travel Experts May Benefit from Affiliate Travel Programs

Using affiliate travel programs generates billions of dollars for affiliates every year, but these programs have some qualities that are not in the affiliate’s best interest. Affiliates have little control over the kinds of offers provided by a merchant. Merchants usually offer a flat rate that does not increase. Once the attention is diverted from the affiliate page, interest is completely in the linked site. What are the best travel affiliates programs that offer one or more solutions to these problems?

Expedia offers affiliates eventual control of which offers are linked to their sites in order to diversify and maximize revenue and site interest via links, booking engines, and banners. This program pays competitive commission rates starting from the initial sale no more than 6 percent based on the travel products. Affiliates have access to 20,000 locations of car rental companies and 150,000 hotels around the world as well as a complete range of travel services. Click here to see our review of

Travel Payouts is geared toward travel bloggers and focuses mainly on flight and hotel bookings, but also offers limited travel services. It is reputed to provide stable gross income for affiliates paying no more than 80% earned from revenue for every sale. The more the affiliate sells, the higher the percentage of earnings. Click here to see our review of Travel Payouts affiliate program.

Trip Advisor is the largest travel site in the world. It offers over 500 million unbiased recommendations and reviews and features more than 200 sites connecting to excess of 500,000 hotels with the best prices. Readers can reconnect to the original content on the affiliate site from the linked site, and affiliates can earn 50% commission with a tiered commission structure. Click here to see our review of Trip Advisor’s affiliate program.

Agoda is one of the highest paying affiliate programs with up to 60% commission paid on margin. Its consistent optimization of conversions supports the notion that a significant amount of traffic through affiliate sites will commit to bookings, and it offers data feeds, hotel power ads, search box, and text links.perts who are using affiliate programs to generate income. One of their services is connect affiliates with potential affiliate programs. Click here to see our review of Agoda’s affiliate program.

VigLink is a viable source for travel experts who are using or are planning to use affiliate programs. One of its services is to connect site owners with potential affiliate programs. They also offer a system that monitors where readers go once they leave the affiliate’s page.

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Importance of Travel and Relaxation for Ministries

Undoubtedly, the success of a ministry depends largely on how well the members get along with each other. If members of a ministry don’t have strong relationships with each other, this will hinder the ministry as a whole. Fortunately, there are many things that ministry leaders can do to facilitate stronger relationships.

Travel and relaxation will help both ministry members form strong bonds with each other. It will also help youth become more committed to the ministry and each other. Here is some information about the importance of travel and relaxation for ministries as well as a few tips that you should follow to schedule an event.

Importance of Travel and Relaxation for Ministries

As you may know from experience, being a part of a ministry can involve a lot of work and stress. Therefore, scheduled time for travel and relaxation is a great way to help reduce the effect of this stress on your ministry members. It will also help your ministry members form strong bonds with each other, which will come in handy when it comes time for collaboration and working together to complete tasks. Your ministry members will learn the importance of community and teamwork, which will in turn equip them with the knowledge and experiences necessary to further God’s vision for the world and His people. Your ministry members will learn more about what part they are best equipped to play in God’s plan for all of us.

Youth should also enjoy time scheduled for travel and relaxation. This time will help the youth form friendships with each other and help them grow an appreciation for the ministry as a whole. The youth will also gain a good understanding of what it truly means to serve God in day-to-day life.

Travel and relaxation will also aid you as the ministry leader. You will learn how to properly manage your ministry and adapt to change, which are both essential skills. After all, as you probably know from experience, ministries are constantly changing and evolving.

How to Plan a Field Trip or Event

If you want to plan a field trip or event for the ministry members or the youth, you should follow these steps. The ministry members or youth should be involved in the task of planning the field trip or event. Once you have decided what the field trip or event will entail, you should delegate tasks. For example, you may assign one group of ministry members with the task of fundraising for the field trip or event.

Planning ahead for an event or field trip can be quite time-consuming. Therefore, you want to do a good job of splitting up the job responsibilities. That way, you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Before the date of the field trip or event, you should know the site very well. You will need to know the cost, the hours of operations, special rates for groups, and any requirements that you will need to follow.

There is a lot involved in planning travel and relaxation for ministries. However, the hard work you put into planning a field trip or event will be worthwhile because they will facilitate the formation of strong relationships.

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Reasons Why Leaders Should Include Travel with Their Ministries

If studying the Word means reading and writing about it, then ministering the Word is about speaking and hearing it. Reading and writing are about analysis, but speaking and hearing are about witnessing, which is the nature of a ministry. Travel can enrich the spiritual experience of fellowship, whether it is to participate in a youth group retreat or to empower a community in need by lending a helping hand.

See and Be Seen

Making connections in person allows leaders to make three dimensional impressions that have lasting effects. It provides a less superficial and more meaningful experience that is rewarding and more fulfilling. Ministry is not about enforcing the Word; it is about demonstrating it. A gathering of saints on one accord produces a chord that is a joyful sound indeed, and traveling extends that chord around the world.

Complete Picture

Correspondence, research, and even primary sources of information are poor substitutes for first-hand experience. All sources report from a biased perspective. Travel allows leaders to fill in the blanks left by these sources and to witness various aspects that these sources just cannot reveal, like what the actual feel of a particular place is like and exactly how ministering can enrich the lives of the people living there. Traveling enables leaders and groups to be an example of the power of faith and the benefits of fellowship.

Gain a Better World View of Self and Others

Fellowship is intended to support the saints and to avoid the isolation of keeping one’s own counsel. Including travel in a ministry helps to maintain balance and humility, which supports focus and purpose. A closed or detached mind or spirit is one of the most destructive situations that a leader can experience. Just like learning can come from teaching, so too can understanding other perspectives introduce new and wonderful ways to participate in fellowship.

Hone and Enhance Leadership Qualities

Travel reveals what the human condition means around the world. Leaders learn to recognize human action and reaction despite language and cultural barriers, which enhances very important communication skills. Leaders need to learn how to assess situations and to provide proper next steps to accomplish desired goals. Traveling enhances leadership qualities such as tolerance, diplomacy, humility, and effective problem solving. Let Big Dream Travel connect you and your ministry to diverse opportunities to experience faith and fellowship.

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Dreamtrips Travel Service/Product Review

As a millennial, it will come as no shock to you that I love to travel. However, along with that fact comes the harsh reality that I do not have a lot of excess cash that I can use on traveling. Luckily, I found a travel service that will allow me to make smaller payments every month and still be able to enjoy the vacations and trips that are on my never-ending list.

About the Travel Membership

If you are a travel lover like me, then you have likely researched various travel programs. Dreamtrips, which is part of World Ventures, is a bit different than any other company you have seen in the past. The way that this program works is that you are buying membership into a club where you gain access to special travel deals. You gain access to these deals through Rovia, a travel search engine. Additionally, there are two different levels of membership called the Gold and the Platinum packages.

How Much Does it Cost?

Unlike many other travel club memberships and timeshares available today, you will not spend an arm and a leg in order to gain access to the deals and go on your dream trips. Instead, you will pay a one time fee of $254.98 for the Gold package or $399.98 for the Platinum package. Then, after that you will only pay about $54.99 per month for the Gold package and $99.99 per month for the Platinum package. Not only that, you are paying wholesale prices for 4 and 5 star hotels in the hottest destinations. All in all, this is a much lower cost than others in the market and you get more freedom. You gain access to their guarantee that if a member does happen to find a similar vacation at a lower cost, they will not only provide a full refund but they will also send them on their dream trip at no cost. It is the best guarantee I have ever seen with these types of programs.

What Are the Benefits?

Besides gaining access to trips that you would normally only dream of, you also get them at wholesale prices. At the same time, you get to use your accumulated points towards the cost of the trip. You gain access to curated trips that are better than if you were to try to plan them yourself. Membership comes with flight insurance, a concierge service, and even dining and entertainment services that are exclusive to the program.

View a complete list of current, incredible experiences at, become a member and set off on your own, one-of-a-kind adventure. If requested put in the sponsor ID number 67150905. If you get four friends to sign up as well, your membership fees are waived.

In my opinion, there is no better program that is designed to fit my budget and my desired lifestyle. If you want more freedom and more bang for your buck, then this is one of the best options on the market. You will not regret getting it.

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5 Destinations You Need to Visit in 2017

If you love taking group or family vacations, then it is imperative that you choose the most suitable destinations that will guarantee maximum fun and comfort. A poor choice of trip destination can leave you with numerous regrets. In this sense, we have compiled a list of 5 vacation destinations you should visit in 2017.

1. Nuevo Vallarta

If you are looking for a fun filled trip, consider visiting Nuevo Vallarta in Nayarit Mexico.  This trip destination is surrounded by the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains. You will get to explore on-site beaches and championship golf greens. If you love going on adventurous trips, you can embark on exciting excursions and breathtaking rides across the rain forest. Thrilling boat rides will also contribute to your overall trip experience since you get to see and interact with sea-lions. The world class Marival Luxury Resort will be an interesting place to reside while on your tour due to its world class spa and on-site beaches.

2. Capture the Culture of San Juan

For some tourists, a perfect trip destination should have culturally significant landmarks. In this line, you should consider visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico where you will get to visit historical places such as the Juan cathedral, the capital building, La Rogativa, and Puerta de San Juan. During your expeditions, you can enjoy cultural foods and local goods such as folkloric festival characters, colorful vigilante masks, handmade ceramics and butterfly art. You can also learn about the city’s contribution to the modern world by visiting the Old San Juan historic district and Puerto Rico museum of art.

3. Listen to Smooth Jazz in South Africa

If you are a jazz lover aged 21 years and above, you should visit Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, where you will be entertained with smooth jazz sounds from renowned performers. The standard bank joy of Jazz is the longest running jazz festival in South Africa and is held at Sandton Convention center annually. The show features the award-winning bassist Christian McBride, Legendary saxophonist Branford Marsalis and Tutu Puoane who is a Pretoria-born vocalist. In this festival, you get to enjoy the group and solo acts as well as entertainment from up-coming and seasoned artists. During the trip, you can also visit the cradle of humankind and Carlton center’s observation deck.

4. Sail the Northern Galapagos Islands

One of the best trip destinations is the Galapagos Island in QuintoPichinchaEcuador. While on these islands you will get an opportunity to explore ancient volcanoes and interact with a vast number of endangered and indigenous species. You will also get the opportunity of walking in lava tubes, hiking through bird colonies, and interacting with sea-lions. To make the trip more interesting, consider visiting the ancient Jesuit Church, the Roman Catholic complex, and San Francisco monastery.

5. Slip Away to the Sunshine Coast

If you love adventure, Sunshine coast is the best trip destination which is located in Twin Waters, Queensland, Australia. Here you will get to enjoy hairpin turns using the largest go-kart track in Australia. To spice things up, incorporate water adventure rides, and scenic walks through site gardens. You can choose to keep vivid memories of your trip by grabbing several souvenirs from numerous artisan shops around the site.

Touring the world can give you the most beautiful and memorable experiences if you choose an interesting trip destination. At Big Dream Travel, we always want the best for our client which is the sole reason we have created this list of exciting trip destinations.

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Getting Your Home Ready for Travel

Your bags are packed, you are ready to leave, but is your home ready to be left unattended for any period of time. Many break-ins happen when homeowners are either away for work or away for vacation or travel. Though it is more common for your home to be burglarized while you are on vacation, this does not mean that you have to leave your home susceptible. Here are some tips for keeping your home safe while you are travelling.

Tell Your Neighbors

The first and perhaps easiest way to protect your home is to simply let your neighbors know you are leaving and for how long. If you have someone coming to your home to feed pets, check on the home, or to drop off mail you should also let your neighbors know. As a general rule our neighbors are going to be looking out for the best interest of the neighborhood. Telling them that you are going to be out of town for the next two weeks lets them know that anyone coming or going from the home that you have not already told them about may be suspicious. It is always helpful to have someone close to home looking out for you.

Getting Someone to Check In

Another great way to keep your home safe is to get someone you trust to check in every few days. If you have a family member or a friend that can come and put your mail inside the home, that can flip on a light to make it look like you are home, or that can simply do a walk around to make sure nothing is disturbed you are can really ease your mind. A great way to do this is to find someone that can come by your home at times when you yourself might not be home on an average day. This way, if anyone is watching the home they will not be sure when someone is home or not. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time you may want to think about getting a house sitter to live inside your home for a period of time as well.

Routine Checks Before Takeoff

The last thing you can do is to do routine checks before you leave. Make sure that all windows are locked and secured, make sure that all doors are locked and secured, etc. You can also take note of how the exterior of your home looks to notice any changes when you return. You may also want to invest in a security system if you do not already have one to help make sure that no one enters the home without the pass code. If you have a travel membership and are travelling, you want to keep your home secure.

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